Sze Uei


Tired of attending remedial training (RT) sessions on the weekends for failing IPPT because of the 2.4km run (yes I was that unfit back then), I joined Mileage in 2010 after being introduced by a friend.

Before joining, I was the kind who never enjoyed running. Benefits of being in a group helped a lot for someone like me who was starting out, not just for the workouts but the knowledge sharing on all aspects of running. Training with Mileage is not just pure running (as I thought it was before), but with drills and strength development which I have come to appreciate that they make a big difference. Even though members have different backgrounds and varying levels of fitness, coach Kien Mau personalized the training to one's abilities and goals.

Under the guidance of Kien Mau, I managed to pass my IPPT in just a few months - no more RT! What was more impressive (personally :) was completing a half marathon in 1hr 44min that same year, a distance I would not have dreamt of doing before.

Fast forward to 2020, I have trained with Mileage for 10 years and have managed to better my times throughout the years with tailored coaching.

Recent personal achievements:
- 5km (2020) - 19min 51s
- Duathlon 5km-20km-5km (2019) - 2nd for age group (35-39)

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