Training Programmes

Mileage believes in structured training that can provide our members with effective training. We focus on "quality" mileage instead of "quantity" mileage which enhances the efficiency of training.

Periodized plans that emphasize on different development aspects at each training phase will be provided to members. We also believe in strength & conditioning as well as cross training that can help members avoid injury.

We are here to help you to train efficiently, race safely and stay injury free!

Full Training Programme

Mileage is offering a full-year (48 weeks) training programme to prepare for the biggest race in Singapore at the end of the year.

The programme aims to provide participants with a comprehensive training which culminates to the year end Singapore Marathon.

Besides the development of endurance required of marathon running, the programme also covers training of other components of fitness including strength, speed, coordination and power.

Participation in other races is included in the programme to serve as intermediate goals, to assess progress as well as to generate interest.

Phase 1

(Jan to Mar - 12 weeks)


Phase 2

(Apr to June - 12 weeks)


Phase 3

(Jul to Aug - 12 weeks)


Phase 4

(Sep - Dec - 12 weeks)

Building Foundation

Target Races

- Cross Country



Begin Specific Training

Target Races

- 10km to 21km Races


Marathon Training

Target Races

- Singapore Bay Run


Final Marathon Preparation

Target Races

- Singapore Marathon


$30 per week, payment to be made per phase ($360) at the first training session of the phase.
Special rate @ $1200 per year (~$25 per week) with one off payment for one year before start of the programme.

Special training programmes

Special training programmes are also available to provide specific training for different races.


Half Marathon Training


Full Marathon Training


10 weeks training programme
(4 weeks conditioning + 6 weeks specific training)

Target Races

- Run350

- Singapore Bay Run

Cost: $320


14 weeks training programme
(6 weeks conditioning + 8 weeks specific training)

Target Races

- 2XU Marathon

- Sundown Marathon

- Singapore Marathon

Cost: $450


Contact us if you need assistance in preparing specific races that are not listed in the above.