Past Workshops

Strategic Marathon Training - Principles of Fitness Training    

Date: 19 Oct 2013, Saturday
Time: 1pm - 2.30pm
Venue: Taman Jurong Community Club - Conference Room
Course code: C20609250

It is useful to know the hows and whys of fitness training if you?re planning on completing a marathon or taking up running. This course explores the sports science behind fitness training and explains principles in an easy-to-understand manner. Every marathon starts with a single step: complete preparedness. Kickstart your marathon training with this strategic guide for marathon runners. Get expert tips on how to avoid common mistakes and how to formulate the best training plan for your marathon


Marathon Workshop – Running Drills and Conditioning

Date: 26 July 2013
Time: 730pm
Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Track
Cost: $10/pax
Refreshments: Isotonic drink and fruits will be provided for all participants

The workshop will introduce various stretches and simple yet effective strengthening exercises that are important for runners . We will also be doing hurdle drills that one normally does not have the chance to try out. It will be a great workout session to improve your running form!

Proper conditioning and stretching are crucial factors in keeping oneself injury free from running. Stretching improves flexibility which is one of the key factors in achieving optimum performance. Research has shown that good flexibility will help to improve one's running economy; a runner will be able to expend less energy to cover the same distance with the same pace when his/her running economy is improved. Stretching also improves uneven flexibility. Running is a repetitive sport and our body repeat the same movement over and over again. Hence, uneven flexibility can cause serious structural problems especially in a marathon when one needs to repeat the same movement over 30000 times! Strength training is equally critical as it reduces neuromuscular stress, improves mechanical efficiency and reduces the oxygen demand at submaximal running speeds. Indirectly, strength training will help runners reduce the chance of getting injured.

A combination of endurance training and strength training will produce a more efficient and faster runner. Come and kick start your training regime with the right form today!


Marathon Workshop – Pacing Using 5km Time

Date: 20 July 2013
Time: 6pm
Venue: Punggol Park (Map)
Cost: $10/pax
Refreshments: Isotonic drink and fruits will be provided for all participants

Are you preparing for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2013 but not sure how to get started? Do not miss this good opportunity for you to find out your potential marathon time through a 5km time trial and use it customize your marathon training plan!

Proper pacing is a very important factor in endurance sports. From our coaching experience, improper pacing is always the main factor for sub-optimum performance for endurance sports. Everyone can start with a fast pace but not everyone can maintain the pace if it is not the correct pacing based on your current capability. Hence, Mileage is organizing a 5km time trial to help enthusiastic runners like yourself to find out their estimated performance for full marathon and you can plan your training accordingly!

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